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Security by Design: Taking control of GDPR compliance

GDPR is a truly significant shake up of IT security and, for a considerable time to come, it is going to occupy the thoughts of many with responsibility for governance, general management and IT.

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The Case for Managed Services Guide

This guide highlights the reasons and identifies specific areas where IT Managed Services are able to deliver such significant savings.

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Cloud Vs. On-premise

This guide will help identify technology services best sourced from external providers and those best supplied from in-house resources to suit your needs.

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7 business technology trends for 2014

The economic indicators for 2014 look better than they have for recent years. However, if smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies are to maximise from an upturn in the economy, it is essential to understand the road ahead for business technology. This guide will help you to better understand the technology landscape for the coming year.

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Maximise Productivity & Value from Mobile & Remote Working

The advent of technologies that enable mobile and remote working means that we can attend to work tasks out of the office and out of normal working hours. This guide look at four areas that need to be considered to maximise the advantages of mobile and remote working while minimising the risks.

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Internet security: Shutting the doors to keep hackers off your network

The Internet brings tremendous benefits to businesses, but it is not without risk. This guide helps you defend against internet threats and protect your business from the losses, disruption and reputational damage that may result from cyber crime.

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We’ll be right back: Data back up and Disaster Recovery for smaller and expanding businesses

In this guide we examine some key issues and explain why the option of online data warehouses, vaults or cloud storage often delivers inappropriate levels of service and poor value when compared to back up and DR managed services from Paralogic.

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5 ways Mimecast relieves the headache of email

Email is one of the great enabling internet technologies for business. However, it brings with it considerable management overheads. This guide explains how Mimecast helps smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies to overcome the problems of email.

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7 Ways to Choose a Technology Partner You Can Trust

Choosing an IT supplier is a key business decision which has significant long term implications for your business. Getting it wrong could not only be a costly mistake, it may restrict the ability of your business to perform by reducing competitive advantage.

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