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Client security briefing: Defending the ransomware threat

Ransomware poses a significant risk to businesses with cybercriminals set to extort $1bn globally this year. As a result, many have tightened up IT security practice. However, the number of UK companies falling victim is nearly 20% higher than the global average. This suggests UK companies are being more strongly targeted or have poorer IT security practice.

Our ‘Client security briefing: Defending the ransomware threat’ helps our clients ensure that they are fully prepared to defend a ransomware attack.

The briefing discusses:

  • The background and the startling growth in ransomware cybercrime
  • Why so many companies are opting to pay ransomware extortion demands
  • How to prepare and defend against attack by ransomware and other cybercrime

Quite simply, ‘Client security briefing: Defending the ransomware threat’ helps IT managers or those responsible for oversight of the IT function of Paralogic clients to understand how best to defend and recover from an attack.

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