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7 ways to make sure your relocation goes smoothly

This guide helps you to take control of the IT related elements of the office move. To ensure your business can be fully functional from day one.

How to minimise disruption to your business and make sure you are able to operate quickly after an office move

The lease is up. You’re expanding. Or moving closer to a market segment or a company with which you do a lot of business. These are just some of the reasons why you might need to relocate your business lock, stock and barrel.

If you are a multi-site organisation you should mostly be able to continue operating as normal from one of your alternate sites. However, if you’re a single site business then the chances are the office move is a window of disruption during which your business may not be able to function at all.

New locations are seldom perfect. If you’re lucky a face lift could be all that is needed. Usually though it’s a shell that needs to be completely re-commissioned or it may need to be gutted for a bare-bones refit. It’s not just the fabric of the environment and the obstacle course of estate agents, landlords and architects, builders and plumbers, etc. that you need to navigate.

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