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Security by Design: Taking control of GDPR compliance

GDPR is a truly significant shake up of IT security and, for a considerable time to come, it is going to occupy the thoughts of many with responsibility for governance, general management and IT.

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Client security briefing: Defending the ransomware threat

Ransomware poses a significant risk to businesses with cybercriminals set to extort $1bn globally this year. As a result, many have tightened up IT security practice. However, the number of UK companies falling victim is nearly 20% higher than the global average. This suggests UK companies are being more strongly targeted or have poorer IT security practice.

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Cloud Telephony FAQ: A buyer’s guide

The latest cloud-based business telephony enhances voice communication with integrated features that fit better with the way we work today. However, there is a bewildering range of systems on the market and this leads some to make unsatisfactory choices.

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True or not?: The truth about business advantage and hyperconvergence

Server hyperconvergence offers some compelling benefits for business. However, many have avoided hyperconvergence because of issues such as complexity and the need for specialist knowledge. That is until now.

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Video conferencing FAQ: A buyer’s guide

Video conferencing is a technology tool with the potential to significantly transform business efficiency. However, for reasons of cost, inconsistent performance, or perhaps a little of both, many remain unconvinced.

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How Office 365 can help you support home office workers

As skills shortages grow and a more diverse workforce demands greater flexibility with their employment, what technology does your business need to match this?

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How to choose a partner you can work with on your Office 365 migration

There’s arguably never been a better time to make the shift towards Microsoft Office 365.

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For the love of tech: Great IT is about high quality people

Branding plays a significant role in shaping buying decisions. However, when buying B2B technology services, it is really important to look beyond the brand so that you really gain an insight into what you may be buying.

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Traditional outsourcing vs Resource Overflow Services

This guide helps you to see the way Resource Overflow Services targets five key efficiencies to ensure mid-market businesses generate real gains from outsourcing.

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7 ways to make sure your relocation goes smoothly

This guide helps you to take control of the IT related elements of the office move. To ensure your business can be fully functional from day one.

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