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Why Paralogic has been named one of Britain’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies

For more than 20 years, Paralogic has been on the side of small business, providing IT support and services they can rely on. We’re thrilled, therefore, to be named among the best British MSPs, cementing our position as a leading light in a crowded industry.

Since 2002, we’ve served more than 1,000 customers across the UK – covering a range of industries, from finance and education, to charities and health clubs. Throughout, we’ve evolved to meet their changing demands, including offering ‘next gen’ cybersecurity solutions designed to combat the threats facing British SMEs. Being crowned one of Britain’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies is really the icing on the cake for us – real recognition both of our maturity and our position at the forefront of the MSP industry.

Our win comes at a time of real change for Paralogic. We may have more than two decades in the industry, but we recognise that things shouldn’t stand still for long. Small businesses – and our customers – are facing new challenges. That’s why we’re investing in new, leading edge systems so we can continue to offer the very best support to see them through. Now named one of Britain’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies, it’s a sign that all our hard work is paying off; the industry can see we’re among those leading the way.

Sales Director Adam Plant wanted to thank the team:

‘I’m enormously proud of Paralogic for winning this award. It’s proof that we’re still innovating and doing the best for our customers, even after more than two decades in business. I’d particularly like to thank our unwavering senior management team. In a fast moving market, having brilliant minds that have stayed with Paralogic as we’ve evolved has been invaluable, and I’m sure it’s a large part of why we’ve won this award.

‘As we move to Aylesbury in the new year and continue to evolve, we hope to always champion the growth of small businesses.’

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