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Vidyo Personal Telepresence

Meet with anyone, anywhere on any type of device. From phones and tablets, to full conference rooms, a Vidyo solution from trusted reseller and partner Paralogic will connect your world.


Experience true cross-platform, cross device conferencing which works across your business, the Internet, Wi-Fi and 3/4G mobile devices.

Vidyo Personal Telepresence

Collaborative conferencing solutions from Paralogic

From simply showing your PC screen to everyone else in the meeting, to real-time annotation and editing, Vidyo ensures you have the tools to make remote communication work for you.

Vidyo works seamlessly with Skype for Business to provide true Enterprise grade video communications and enhanced connectivity between internal and external Partners, Customers and Clients.

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What you need to know

Why Vidyo from Paralogic?

With Vidyo we believe business-class videoconferencing has truly come of age in terms of cost, quality and convenience. Get help and advice from Paralogic because networks and connectivity are our business

Smart on bandwidth

Vidyo works with the available bandwidth of each connected party to ensure conference call quality remains consistent, even with less than ideal connectivity, such as those in rural areas and developing nations

Affordable for all businesses

Vidyo is cost effective and within the budgets of smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses. Why put up with inconsistent or unprofessional quality of established conferencing solutions?


Using any mix of networked, Internet-connected or 3/4G devices Vidyo provides the convenience of quick ad-hoc conferencing and lets you enjoy first rate experiences of more formal meetings

Ultimate flexibility

Opt for a cloud-based solution using your webcam-enabled device or a hardware based room system to provide more features and sophistication. Both provide outstanding video conferencing experiences

Free demonstration and our personal recommendation

Seeing Vidyo is believing! Contact us today to arrange a free demonstration and see why we’re using Vidyo more and more within our business to collaborate faster and make our team more productive

Where one client is using Vidyo effectively

  • A leading non-profit organisation at the forefront of improving lives in developing nations
  • Specialising in control and treatment of communicable diseases among vulnerable populations
  • Vast majority of staff are embedded in countries where network bandwidth is unpredictable
  • Uses Vidyo to communicate effectively with staff across Africa and South-East Asia

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