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Scale Computing true hyperconvergence

If your desire is for more trouble-free, efficient and lower cost technology in your business then hyperconvergence is a major milestone on the journey. Increasing numbers of businesses are finding true hyperconvergence from Scale the best choice for meeting on-premise infrastructure requirements. ‘True’ hyperconvergence distinguishes the most highly integrated and compressed hyperconvergence platforms such as those designed by Scale Computing.

Scale Computing true hyperconvergence

What’s the big deal about hyperconvergence?

Apple revolutionised our expectations for what a mobile device could do. True hyperconvergence does something similar for on-premise infrastructure.

Servers and storage are neatly packaged up and smart, intuitive software enables management of infrastructure and data to be achieved quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss.

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What you need to know

Why Scale from Paralogic?

For organisations that want the right on-premise server infrastructure solution that meets the primary objectives of providing competitive advantage while reducing costs, it is our belief that true hyperconvergence represents the best way to obtain maximum value. As a UK leader in partnering with Scale Computing we have access to support and services to ensure your Scale solution delivers value over its entire lifecycle.

Transforms TCO equation

Hyperconvergence delivers more value to businesses. Quite simply, with true hyperconvergence from Scale Computing, initial investment, reduced management overheads and increased lifecycle means fixed asset depreciation is spread over more financial reporting periods.

Smaller physical design

Scale Computing solutions have a smaller physical footprint and requires less interconnection than conventional hardware. This provides an opportunity to de-clutter server rooms and shrink data centres to free space for higher value business activity or down-sizing.

Single screen control

Scale Computing Hypercore software continuously monitors all virtual machines, software and hardware components. From a single-screen it detects and automatically responds to common infrastructure events, maintains application availability and simplifies datacenter management.

Better DR and BC

A Scale solution means Disaster Recovery has never been easier to manage as an internal process. Mirroring a primary cluster to a secondary one at a satellite office enables the organisation to have supreme confidence in its Business Continuity capabilities.

Consultation and demonstration

Before specifying a solution our consultative approach means we work to understand your current and any reasonable future requirements. Scale solutions may be upgraded if required, so if growth is faster than expected it’s no problem. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and demonstration.

Where one client is using Scale effectively

Telford Homes Plc key solution facts

  • AIM listed housebuilder operating in and around East and North London. Headquartered in Waltham Cross, with around 300+ computer users
  • A significant hardware failure lead to the discovery that the RTO of one day no longer suited the needs of the business and represented an unacceptable disruption to operations
  • New hyperconvergence server infrastructure systems from Scale Computing now provide the ability to have continual access to data and IT services across the company
  • Now enjoys greater confidence in technology at all levels across the business with a scalable solution that is easy to use and operate

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