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Benemen: The art of communications management

When you want communications technology that boosts productivity across your business then BeneCloud from Benemen is the cloud based telephony and communications solution for you.

Supporting over 1,000 businesses

More than a telephony system or messaging platform

From tracking sales and CRM, to enabling access to the right service customers need, the BeneCloud solution also provides management information and lets you truly establish ROI to understand the real value of integrated communications to your business.

BeneCloud offers a unified communication platform. This enables all communication features to be brought together in a consistent way and avoids the need to purchase separate, isolated applications and solutions. BeneCloud is designed to fit companies of all sizes and is of high value for companies that prioritise excellent customer service.

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Communications that really support your business

Provide better service

Serving customers belongs to every employee in the company! Quite simply, integrated communications from BeneCloud enable you to pursue excellence in the shape of providing better service. Gain real-time insight about important customer calls; know which calls were handled well and the ones that were missed, so you can take decisions to improve customer care.

Service not technology

Think differently about what you can achieve with a communications solution. BeneCloud lets you focus on what you need to deliver excellent service rather than just the routine lifecycle approach of replacing old equipment with new technology. Improve your company’s current operations and meet the challenges you face.

Reachability of services

A key element of Benemen philosophy is to focus on service reachability instead of just reaching specific people. For many this is a new approach that overcomes ownership of cases by individuals. This approach updates practices on service channelling, enabling support and management information to be shared, and making service delivery belong to every employee.

Insight and intelligence

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of ‘telephony system’ and time to start getting insight and intelligence from a ‘communication solution’. From sales to service and support, get the statistics on who your teams are talking to every week to help you understand how to improve your processes and the performance of your people.

Integrated cloud communication

Cloud computing is the biggest trend of the last decade, and for good reason; now leverage the benefits of the cloud to get competitive advantage from truly integrated communication. Moving voice services to the internet cloud along with other information systems brings management, administration and availability together across all applications and hardware.

Efficiency cuts costs

Eliminating CAPEX for a PBX; simpler maintenance, easier administration and routine configuration – and really we are only just getting started! BeneCloud integrates Skype for Business as a standard feature, increasing utilisation rates, reducing travel costs and improving employee time management.

Companies enjoying Benemen Unified Communications

  • Toyota
  • Savox
  • Tomra
  • Taaleri
  • Konica Minolta
  • Paroc
  • Technopolis
  • Terveystalo

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