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McAfee SaaS Endpoint vs. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection

How to choose?

McAfee’s SaaS and on-premise solutions offer comparable capabilities as this handy product chart shows. The main difference lies in the great tools you have to help you run your solution.

McAfee SaaS Endpoint uses the Security Center Online Management Console, a simple, web-based console that reports on each of your security services. It can also be customised quickly for better visibility, to centralise all installations and schedule updates.

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for Business is an on-premise solution that can be managed with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO), the most advanced and scalable centralised security management platform in the industry. It now comes with Real-Time giving remedial information as events are happening and a range of suites that deliver basic, all-round and comprehensive security depending on your needs.

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