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The security of your business should be of paramount importance at all times. With the proliferation of viruses and ransomware like Cryptolocker, and the regular occurrence of high profile cyber attacks on businesses and individuals, it’s clear that anyone can be affected.


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In any modern office, there are a number of opportunities that any one with malicious intent can exploit. From network servers to cloud-based emails, wireless connections to home workers: all the devices, software and systems that streamline processes, improve your service offering and put your business ahead of the competition could also be what brings it down to its knees.

But with the right safety guards in place, hackers and viruses can be stopped at their entry points.

Take the steps necessary to protect your business

Knowing where your company is at risk is the first place to start. You might already be well aware of the security risks you’re currently operating with, or you may not have a clue.

Regular security tests are vital to ensure the continued protection of all your business critical data and important files. They expose any security weaknesses, so that they can be resolved before malicious hackers can take advantage of them.

Our Security Questionnaire is designed to help you determine how much you know about the protection your business should have in place. It will help you realise where you need to focus your efforts and which areas of your IT infrastructure should be checked and double checked.

Simply fill in the questions and calculate your score to get our recommendations.

Download the Security Questionnaire

If you don’t like the results and are worried about your business, get in touch. We’ll help you put the necessary precautions in place now, so that you won’t need to worry. We’ll stay on top of your security to make sure you’re always protected.

Take the security test, and then use the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330 to arrange a comprehensive security check with our expert team.

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