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Building your Virtual Office

Running a business is not a 9-to-5 job. In today’s interconnected world, you need access to vital business functions like emails, data and files any time, anywhere.


Supporting over 1,000 businesses

A fully integrated online office infrastructure – wherever you are.

Both you and your staff need to communicate and collaborate on important projects from different offices, different cities, and different countries. You might need to amend a presentation whilst travelling on a train, or answer an urgent accounting question whilst you’re at home.

Above all, you need to make sure that your data and documents are safe and secure, at all times.

To accomplish all of this effectively and efficiently, you need a Virtual Office.

The essential components of a virtual office

To create your virtual office, you’ll need to ensure you have the best cloud-based services at your disposal. That’s where we can help at Paralogic. We’ll support your business and bring everything you need online and on-demand, virtualising your critical processes with:

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What you need to know

An online infrastructure of integrated cloud services

With the right platform to build on, you can customise your virtual office with all the applications, frameworks, databases and development you need to run your business smoothly from the cloud. Microsoft Azure offers full flexibility with software integration for accounting, CRM, storage systems and much more.

On-the-go application access

Maintain staff productivity at all times with complete access to the tools they need, wherever they might be. Office 365’s suite of applications allows staff to create, complete, share and collaborate on projects 24/7, from home, in the office or on-the-go, and provides all the access employees need on a cost-per-user basis.

Full email continuity

Your emails are a vital communication tool, and your business cannot afford any downtime. With web-based access on both desktop and mobile devices, we can use Mimecast email continuity to ensure you’ll always have that all-important access, without the need for expensive hardware or software solutions.

Seamless digital communications

When you’re communicating around the country and collaborating across the world, you need a system you can rely on to meet your needs at every corner. Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) does just that. It’s scalable to your requirements and provides the perfect solution for holding online meetings.

All encompassing security

With your emails, your documents and your data all in the cloud, you’ll need to make sure your virtual office is fully secure from any kind of breaches. We can ensure you have full visibility and control of your network security with Cisco Meraki, and provide total protection from viruses and malware on every device with McAfee cloud technologies.

Absolute peace of mind

In those worst-case scenarios, you’ll want to rest assured that you always have full access to everything in your virtual office, no matter what happens. Our backup and disaster recovery solution uses expert Datto technology to maintain full and continuous backups of all your data, in a secure, off-site location, so you won’t lose any important files.

Streamlining your business processes

Virtual office solutions are tailored to your individual company. Our technical experts know exactly how we can use cloud-based software to meet your business requirements. We’ll help understand your problems, identifying the most efficient way to fix them, and implement the virtual processes necessary to transform your business.

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