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Backup and Business Continuity

Theoretically, traditional backup systems provide reasonable insurance against data loss. However, in practice the integrity of data on external media is rarely or never tested. We supply and support an excellent range of Backup and Business Continuity products and solutions that eliminate the uncertainty from Business Continuity:

Supporting over 1,000 businesses

  • RestoreSafe off-site Backup
  • Recovery Server
  • 100% Email Continuity

RestoreSafe Off-Site Backup

In line with ISO/IEC 17799 information security management recommendations, RestoreSafe provides a convenient, robust and affordable solution for small and medium sized businesses. Multiple copies of the data are held at different locations providing maximum protection and resilience.

The key benefits of RestoreSafe include:

  • A fully managed, automated process
  • All data is secure and protected
  • Single, central enterprise backup
  • Rapid data integrity testing
  • Robust data recovery in the event of a disaster

Recovery Server

Paralogic’s Recovery Server is the only backup and disaster recovery solution to offer instant on-site and off-site virtualisation recovery. Screenshot verification of backups and intelligent business continuity all from one simple management interface is just one of a number of key benefits of Recovery Server:

  • On-Site Backup
  • Off-Site Backup
  • Instant On-Site Virtualisation recovery
  • UK Based Technical Support and Data Centres
  • All data is protected by AES 256 encryption
  • Bare Metal Restore
  • Advanced File Level Restore
  • Instant Off-Site Virtualisation recovery
  • Screenshot Backup Verification

Email Continuity

Paralogic provides Email Continuity services which avoid the need for expensive and cumbersome hardware and software solutions to ensure email is always-on.

End users have zero tolerance for downtime, and demand their connectivity be restored as quickly and painlessly as possible, so finding an easier way to keep email running has become essential. Paralogic provides a set of Email Continuity services which can reduce your recovery time to as close to zero as possible, yet without the expense, complexity and infrastructure expected for this level of service availability.

  • Real-time access to email during outages via web-based desktop apps and mobile apps
  • Continuity management offers complete control of failover events and outages

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