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WatchOverIT (Remote Monitoring)

WatchOverIT is our remote monitoring solution that enables us to keep a close eye on your network. We continually look at the condition and intercept the messages being generated by network devices. In many cases this enables us to identify problems before they occur or minimise the impact of sudden failure or outages by taking immediate action.

Supporting over 1,000 businesses

Our WatchOverIT systems provide automation and alerts which allows us to look after networks containing thousands of hardware devices and software applications securely, efficiently and effectively, 24×7. We can remotely access your servers, computers or other network devices to provide remedial action. In cases where physical intervention is required, we can arrange for a site visit to resolve the problem.


  • 24 hour vigilance and advance indication and notification of impending failure or outage
  • Enables us to act pro-actively to prevent failures or outages that are predicted
  • Fastest reaction time for sudden, unpredictable failures or outages

WatchOverIT (Remote Monitoring) services from Paralogic

WatchOverIT lets you:

  • Optimise your IT support arrangements when used in conjunction with our ResolveIT services
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity

To find out more about how WatchOverIT helps optimise support while maximising productivity, please call 01844 293330 or email

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