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Numbers that speak for themselves: Quantifying the benefits of Office 365

office365image3Some hard numbers on the ROI of Microsoft Office 365

Research commissioned by Microsoft from the IT industry analyst Forrester has laid out in plain terms the benefits of Office 365.

The report ‘The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365’ examined the topic from in the context of small and mid-sized businesses – anything from 1 -250 employees.

Forrester interviewed four existing customers with multiple years of experience using Office 365 and conducted an online survey with 204 organizations also using the solution. The study looked at benefits and related costs across five areas:

  • Technology – Hardware, software and IT person hours
  • Mobility – Worker efficiency and access
  • Control & compliance – Meeting regulatory codes
  • Business Intelligence – Information that improves DM
  • Real-time communication – Savings from web-enabled communication

The quantified benefits of Office 365

The results of the study showed the following quantitative data:

  • Technology
    • Across savings in hardware upgrade costs, third-party services, reduce IT resource and increased productivity, the cost benefit was quantified C. £33k
  • Mobility
    • About 15 minutes per day were saved by mobile workers performing computing tasks on the move, around 45 hours per year – over 1 week’s salary per worker; employees enjoyed the flexibility to truly work anywhere connected via mobile
  • Control & compliance
    • The study showed a reduction in security, risk, and compliance costs of almost £4k over three years
  • Business Intelligence
    • The time taken to make decisions was reduced by 17% due to being able to share key data that influenced decision making quickly and efficiently
  • Real-time communication
    • Integrated voice, Instant Messaging (IM), and video communication enhanced collaborative processes, while significantly reducing the cost of conventional telephony services

Migrate and save with Office 365 from Paralogic

Every organisation is different. So, the savings achieved by businesses in the study should be read as indicative rather than absolute. However, there is little doubt that every business is better off.

We help over 1000 businesses and have assisted many with Office 365 Migration. To find out more about how we can help you to get more out of your investment in business technology simply get in touch today.

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You can download the report ‘The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365’ by clicking here.

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