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Free Paralogic eBook: A Crash Course in Office 365

Get more out of the Microsoft Office 365 toolset When it comes to using software, we probably all wish we knew how to do things faster. Some things are time consuming, some just a plain drag. If only we had a cheat sheet that showed us some tricks. The Microsoft Office suite, with which most…

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Microsoft improving Office 365 support for Apple iOS and Google Android devices

Tech companies ripping off each other’s ideas Global IT corporations are not renowned for being commercially sympathetic to one another. It’s understandable, especially when it concerns matters of patent infringement and ripping off another tech firm’s innovations that may have been hard won by significant investment in the R&D budget. Apple and Samsung seem to…

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Mimecast: Using a layered email security solution to help protect your business

Why the need for a layered approach to security? Securing business information with good network security practice is one of the most important topics in technology. Security threats are always present and ensuring your business is well protected is an ever attendant consideration. Layered security is best practice for securing information by using multiple network…

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IT support in an outsourced world

Supporting business critical technology in today’s businesses One conventional wisdom for today’s businesses is to concentrate on core areas of practice and farm out as much as possible to other specialist companies that are better geared to deliver the service required at a lower price point than you could achieve with internal resources. When it’s…

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Technology trends 2017: Developments influencing business in the coming year

Unstoppable march towards the future continues Technology continues its unstoppable march towards the future. And whether we like it or not, it is dragging us and our businesses with it! Some technologies seem like technology for tech’s sake. However, some offer truly compelling benefits that means they shape progress. Here we take a look at…

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7 point check: Planning Xmas and New Year IT housekeeping and review activities

­­ A great time for an annual systems review and catch-up on admin… Early December… and businesses everywhere are geared up to get the jobs and projects scheduled for delivery this side of the festive season out of the door on time. This year, for many smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses, the working days between…

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Video conferencing FAQ: A buyer’s guide to transforming communications efficiency

A significant opportunity to transform efficiency Video conferencing has been around a long time and it offers businesses a significant opportunity to transform efficiency. Despite technology breakthroughs dating back to the 1970s and 80s, prices for technology that guarantees good quality performance have remained stubbornly high. Those that have been prepared to accept variable performance…

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Using Microsoft Office 365 To Grow Your Business With A Diverse Workforce

No matter the type of industry you’re in or the size of your company currently, growing a business is hard. To do it effectively, you need the best tools at your disposal, wherever possible. It’s harder now than it’s ever been, as the modern worker demands a variety of options and flexibility from their employer….

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How Do You Migrate To Microsoft Office 365?

When we took a look at some of the top IT predictions for 2016, the proliferation of cloud-based technology and software was right up at the top. And one of the biggest factors for this is the continued rise of Microsoft Office 365. It’s already transformed the operations of millions of small businesses, as is…

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How much do you know about your IT security?

How secure is your business? Are your networks vulnerable to attack? Is your WiFi a weak point? Are you files susceptible to corruption from an email virus? Or do you not have a clue? The security and integrity of your data and files is business critical; we worry about someone breaking into our offices physically,…

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