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5 great things you probably didn’t know about Office 365 that are well worth knowing anyway!

office_365Office 365: Achieving great things and setting benchmarks

In the five-and-a-half years since the launch of Microsoft Office 365 it has become a superlative performer. Among the many great things it has achieved and the benchmarks it has set, it is Microsoft’s fastest ever growing product.

Some observers regard the 10 years of leadership by former CEO Steve Ballmer as something of a lost decade for Microsoft. Some believe current CEO Satya Nadella has been the driving force behind the successful execution of its cloud strategy.

However, this may be a little hard on Steve Ballmer. He may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but the truth is, the foundations for Microsoft’s cloud strategy took shape a long time before Mr. Nadella took the reins.

Here are 5 other great things you probably didn’t know about Office 365 that are well worth knowing anyway!

  1. Bigger than Google docs

In 2014, Office 365 was positioned ahead of Google Apps. Since then, Google has tried to compete with Microsoft Office 365 by bundling its app suite within its basic subscription, but to no avail. O365 is now out of sight and is hands down the top SaaS solution.

  1. Bigger than

2015 saw Office 365 flash past showing the former poster boy of the SaaS market a clean pair of heels as surely as if it was Usain Bolt blasting past a snail! It continues to pull away.

  1. Value means most smaller – mid-sized companies choose O365

Smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses choose office 365 because of the value proposition – under the Premium subscription it offers a great set of familiar, de facto standard tools at an affordable price point.

  1. One terabyte (1TB) of company file storage

Office 365 provides smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies with the capacity to store 1TB of data on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform. Of course this provides great flexibility, enabling access anytime from any suitable internet connected device, as well as enabling rapid disaster recovery by protecting against data loss.

  1. As secure as the military!

Despite state sponsored and hacktivist cyber-attacks on NASA and US military assets through the internet, military IT security remains something of a gold standard. Military grade encryption is applied to protect Office 365 applications and data.

Data at rest (on cloud storage infrastructure) and in motion (in transmission across the Internet) is encrypted, thwarting attempts to monetise or otherwise misuse it should hackers manage to intercept the information.

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