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McAfee SaaS Endpoint vs. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection

How to choose? McAfee’s SaaS and on-premise solutions offer comparable capabilities as this handy product chart shows. The main difference lies in the great tools you have to help you run your solution. McAfee SaaS Endpoint uses the Security Center Online Management Console, a simple, web-based console that reports on each of your security services….

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Windows XP business users: Avoid the 9th April 2014 being an uncomfortable day

The day after the 8th April 2014 So, you are all moved off of Windows XP and Office 2003 and are now safely using Windows 7 or 8 and later versions of Office, right? We hope so. However, if you are not, here’s what could happen the day after Windows XP support ends on the…

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To manage or not to manage security: that is the question

McAfee offers a whole raft of solutions, both on-premise and from the cloud. On-premise solutions are hosted on your physical servers and managed by you. Services from the cloud allow you to deploy world-class security solutions at a fraction of the cost, custom-tailored to your needs, with simple dashboard management built in. To help you…

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Help with planning and development for the year ahead with Paralogic business technology trends guide

Help with planning and development for 2014 Now the New Year is no longer new its time to really focus on the year ahead. Hopefully as part of planning and development for 2014 some readers of the blog have taken a cue from our last post in which we suggested ‘5 technology areas every business…

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Password security: Strength in length

98.8% of people share the same 10,000 passwords… Hackers stealing passwords for millions of accounts; cyber-criminals committing identity theft; data protection rules being breached… It seems that network security issues are seldom far from the top of the news. With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being particularly vulnerable to loss or theft, encouraging…

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Securing BYOD: Safer use of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops at work

ICO survey reveals extent of risk Following on from our blog ‘6 smartphone security best practice tips’, the wider issue of the security of personally owned mobile computing devices also needs to be looked at. The phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is now well established. This is great for businesses; employees use their…

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6 smartphone security best practice tips

Brilliant but vulnerable For any one that is mobile during the course of their working day smartphones are truly brilliant devices. However, small handheld devices are as vulnerable to poor user practice as a laptop or desktop computer. They are also easy to lose or be relieved of… here are 6 tips for safer smartphone…

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Data security and privacy: Spying in the cloud with the Prism program

Major US and UK intelligence gathering operations ‘blown’ The recent revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden about the existence of the secret US Prism program has caused political and diplomatic shockwaves. This was widened when Mr Snowden revealed that GCHQ taps over 200 of the UK’s main optical fibre network links. As well as the embarrassment…

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Focus On: Network security

A constantly evolving threat environment From time to time on the Paralogic blog we focus on one area where our services help clients to obtain the best value from technology. This week we thought we’d take a look at network security solutions. With our dependence on technology today, it is of little surprise that anything…

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