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Ransomware attack: Prevention is better than cure

UK companies being targeted or have poorer IT security Ransomware is a lucrative cybercriminal enterprise. Although there is much awareness, it poses a significant risk to businesses. According to figures from the FBI based on Q1/2016 statistics, cybercriminals are set to extort $1bn globally this year. Many have tightened up IT security practice. However, the…

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Yahoo! tops PII data leak league table but cloud productivity with Office 365 is still the best option

Details of 500 million user accounts stolen from Yahoo! Last week news of the biggest known data leak of personal identifiable information (PII) in history was released by Yahoo!. The breach occurred in 2014 but Yahoo! has only just discovered the extent of the theft of information: It relates to 500 million user accounts… The…

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Office 365 outstanding cloud success story but users need to employ email security best practice

Microsoft Office 365 just works! It’s 5 years and a few months since Microsoft Office 365 launched as a commercial product and around two and a half years since it was upgraded to its current format. During this time, it has set some significant benchmarks, including being Microsoft’s fastest ever growing product. Under the stewardship…

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Ransomware update: Threat only increasing with extortion hitting $1 billion in 2016

Many not in a position to refuse ransomware demands Back in February we reported on the January ransomware attack at Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), which was foiled by the council refusing to pay and then bringing in experts to completely restore systems and data. Ransomware is malicious software (malware) that infects a device or computer,…

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Lincolnshire County Council ransomware attack: A warning to organisations and businesses to continually review security

5000 employees forced to revert to pen and paper Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) made national headlines this week following a ransomware attack on 29th January. The attackers, who were widely misreported to have demanded £1 million to provide the unlock code, turned out to be rather less ambitious. The demand was in fact for just…

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Protect Your Business Against Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker, a ransomware Trojan that first arrived on the internet in September 2013, is on the rise once again and causing problems for a lot of businesses. This makes it vitally important that you ensure your company’s network is safe, secure and backed up. Why? Because there is nothing to stop Cryptolocker once initiated by…

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How not to be the next victim of a data breach

The latest reported data breach at the telecoms company TalkTalk – where the personal details of 156,959 customers and 15,656 bank accounts were exposed – signifies a worrying trend for data security. As a business, you may well be asking yourself, how can I protect my company files and ensure the safety of my customers’…

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Finally, a simple (and effective) way to secure your organisation’s email

Take the headache out of email security Too often, security applications and solutions are over-complex, a strain on IT resources and never quite work the way you want them to. Yet, the threat of attack from hackers, phishers and cyber criminals is never far away, If a security breach does happens, it could be costly…

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Keep your critical Windows XP applications secure

How McAfee Endpoint Security secures your legacy environment When you’re operating in a legacy environment, especially one where support has ceased, you need a simple way to keep your important business applications secure. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Enterprise Suite not only secures your devices and network endpoints, it comes with an additional weapon to…

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Security and You: Simple security extends your Windows XP investment

Is your Windows XP environment a security risk? Discover how you can extend your XP investment and avoid security risks By now, your Microsoft Windows XP software will have reached end of life – the cut-off date was 8th April 2014. But what does that mean for the security of your critical applications, given that…

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