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Cloud services: What’s stopping you from maximising the benefits your business gets from cloud technology?

Survey shows 93% of companies using cloud technology The results of a survey published last month suggest the cloud is continuing to win converts from the conventional on-premise approach smaller, expanding and mid-sized organisations use to provision business technology services. The survey of small business IT leaders provides compelling evidence that concerns about cloud computing…

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Heart Internet customers suffer up to 24 hours website and email disruption due to 9 minute power outage

Power supply safety mechanism triggered incorrectly Heart Internet, one of the most popular providers of domain, hosting and email services for businesses across the UK, suffered a serious outage which led to sustained disruption for customers on Wednesday 10th February. The company which claims to have one of the “most efficient and resilient data centres…

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Microsoft Begins Roll Out Of Windows 10

It’s the most used operating system in the world, but the recent release of Windows 10 will mark the end of Windows as you know it. We’ve previously discussed how Windows will be shifting to a more frequently updated operating system, similar to Apple’s iOS and OS X, rather than the traditional new releases that…

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The End Of An Era For Windows Operating System

Following a recent announcement by Jerry Nixon, a development executive at Microsoft, it looks like the Windows operating system as we know it is coming to an end. In a statement at a recent conference, Nixon said that the new “Windows 10” version of Microsoft’s dominant software will be the last ever version to be…

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10 weeks until Windows Server 2003 support ends on 14 July

A ‘legacy’ rather than ‘legendary!’ There are only around 10 weeks until July 14, 2015, when Windows 2003 Server goes ‘end of life’, and no doubt earning the status of ‘legacy’ rather than ‘legendary’! Many have had planning for this well in hand. But don’t panic if you haven’t. End of Life doesn’t mean your…

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Computers on memory sticks providing more options

Chromebit stick-based computer announced Google has announced it is to release Chromebit – a memory stick style device that turns a television or a monitor into computer. The USB style sticks simply plug into the HDMI port of suitably equipped displays to provide access to internet based computing using cloud resources through a browser. The…

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Internet running out of addresses so it’s time for IPv6

Unique address systems The one thing about any address system is that each destination needs to have a unique identifier. Whether it is telephones or a snail-mail postal system, every separate place where physical or electronic items need to be delivered is required to have a unique address. Sometimes an address system simply runs out…

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Migration planning: Windows Server 2003 end of life 14 July 2015

Christmas is almost upon us – get planning for next year It’s nearly Christmas and time to make sure we’re on top of IT planning for next year. Next summer sees the end of Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003. This means all editions of Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2 will effectively become obsolete…

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High quality IT Helpdesk support: Art or science?

High quality Helpdesk support service essential today In today’s world of high customer expectation, delivering good quality Helpdesk services is an essential for IT service providers. But is the delivery of high quality Helpdesk support an art or a science? Impatience, stress and business deadlines all combine to drive customer anxiety. This creates a lot…

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