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Cloud computing

Rise of the cloud and death of PC and XP make 2014 a busy year

Days of desktop PC numbered Desktop PC sales are believed to have fall by 10.1% during 2013, making it the most “severe yearly contraction on record”, according to research firm IDC (International Data Corporation). This strongly supports the trend of falling desktop sales and increasingly strengthens the suggestion that the days of the desktop PC…

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Paralogic fills gap left by end of Symantec Backup

Symantec discontinues online backup product Software and services giant Symantec has given notice to end user customers, service providers and resellers that it is to discontinue offering Backup services on 6th January 2014. There will be 1 year run down of the service to honour existing agreements until 6th January 2015. Any customers that…

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3 ways to store business data in the cloud

Get the right cloud solution for your business The cloud is now ubiquitous; for many businesses using Windows XP and locally installed MS Office productivity suite users, the next few months will see radical changes as they migrate to online services. For many Office 365 is the natural choice, however it is not the only…

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Clock running down if you rely on Windows XP and Office 2003

Well respected but time to go Microsoft Windows XP is well respected by many IT managers out there. After a period that was characterised by much customer dissatisfaction, with the release of XP, Microsoft finally achieved the level of reliability, resilience and functionality that was expected for desktop business computing. It is a testament to…

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SBS is dead… Long live Office 365…

End of the road for Microsoft Small Business Server For around a year now, occasional news stories have been foretelling the death of Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS). This started in July 2012 when Microsoft announced it was ending development of SBS and there would be no SBS 2012 in the server product line up….

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Windows Migration: Not just where but how…

Significant year for desktop computing The coming year looks like being a significant one on the desktop for many organisations. If you have been putting off decisions about the future of computing on your office desktop because there has been no pressing urgency, then that’s no longer a realistic approach. There are three significant factors…

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Are you ready to move to the cloud?

Now the cloud is making IT cheaper, more accessible and easier to manage than ever before, Paralogic Network Solutions is offering you a FREE move to the cloud assessment. Visit our new-look website or call us to arrange. Tell us about your current IT set-up and what your business and users need for the future….

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