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Cloud computing

Cloud services: What’s stopping you from maximising the benefits your business gets from cloud technology?

Survey shows 93% of companies using cloud technology The results of a survey published last month suggest the cloud is continuing to win converts from the conventional on-premise approach smaller, expanding and mid-sized organisations use to provision business technology services. The survey of small business IT leaders provides compelling evidence that concerns about cloud computing…

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Choosing Between Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise

When you want to keep up to date with the latest computing platforms, stay ahead of your competition with the newest technology, or simply find the right solution for your business, it can be difficult task if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, or what you need. We want to make sure you…

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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Office Worker

With more businesses shifting to or considering cloud computing, you might be starting to ask yourself ‘is this the right move for me and my staff?’ You might be questioning how efficient a virtual office can actually be; is it not just an excuse for team members to stay in bed or blag an extra…

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How to Benefit from Office 365’s Cloud Features

We recommend Microsoft Office 365 to many of our clients because we know that their business will reap the rewards of its many benefits. Benefits like reduced costs, better reliability, improved productivity and robust security. However, once migrated, how do you get the most from the software’s cloud features? In this post we are going…

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Moving to the Cloud with a Virtual Office

For some businesses, cloud computing is now a standard business practice and a cost effective way of maintaining and expanding operations for their company. But for many others, just a mention of the phrase ‘moving to the cloud’ causes concern and worry, as a number of owners and CEO’s simply do not understand what it…

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Storing in the Cloud: Is Your Data Backed Up and Secure?

In the last 10 years, use of ‘the cloud’ by businesses both large and small has expanded exponentially. With a plethora of cloud-based applications and storage options, it’s hard to get away from the benefits of using an off-site solution to back up all your critical data. But just how secure is the cloud that…

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How long would it take to recover your data?

Assuming that you do backup your data – given that 60% of businesses only conduct sporadic backups of certain files, and 20% don’t backup at all – the next question you should be asking yourself is how long it would take to recover all of those files and information in the event of an emergency?…

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How To Share A Document With Your Co-Workers

Sharing documents and files with co-workers is a vital part of any business. Others need to see the information you’re working on, and more often than not projects require input, suggestions and amendments from other staff members. With an abundance of options available to share and collaborate on documents, which is best for your business?…

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Office 365 joins the cloud party with more options for letting you work wherever you want

Windows XP has left the building All that is at one time great has to eventually give way to the future. This week it was the turn of Windows XP to find that its days are now done. But what has it given way to? If you are a Microsoft fan then you might hope…

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Help with planning and development for the year ahead with Paralogic business technology trends guide

Help with planning and development for 2014 Now the New Year is no longer new its time to really focus on the year ahead. Hopefully as part of planning and development for 2014 some readers of the blog have taken a cue from our last post in which we suggested ‘5 technology areas every business…

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