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Vidyo: The video conferencing solution for which businesses have been waiting

Paralogic recommends Vidyo At Paralogic we’ve worked with smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses for many years. We’ve often been asked about video conferencing solutions but we’ve felt unable to recommend a solution that meets the key criteria of providing consistent performance at a cost that makes sense to our customers. Until now… Vidyo Personal Telepresence lets…

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Video conferencing FAQ: A buyer’s guide to transforming communications efficiency

A significant opportunity to transform efficiency Video conferencing has been around a long time and it offers businesses a significant opportunity to transform efficiency. Despite technology breakthroughs dating back to the 1970s and 80s, prices for technology that guarantees good quality performance have remained stubbornly high. Those that have been prepared to accept variable performance…

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Using Microsoft Office 365 To Grow Your Business With A Diverse Workforce

No matter the type of industry you’re in or the size of your company currently, growing a business is hard. To do it effectively, you need the best tools at your disposal, wherever possible. It’s harder now than it’s ever been, as the modern worker demands a variety of options and flexibility from their employer….

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Heart Internet customers suffer up to 24 hours website and email disruption due to 9 minute power outage

Power supply safety mechanism triggered incorrectly Heart Internet, one of the most popular providers of domain, hosting and email services for businesses across the UK, suffered a serious outage which led to sustained disruption for customers on Wednesday 10th February. The company which claims to have one of the “most efficient and resilient data centres…

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How Do You Migrate To Microsoft Office 365?

When we took a look at some of the top IT predictions for 2016, the proliferation of cloud-based technology and software was right up at the top. And one of the biggest factors for this is the continued rise of Microsoft Office 365. It’s already transformed the operations of millions of small businesses, as is…

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Lincolnshire County Council ransomware attack: A warning to organisations and businesses to continually review security

5000 employees forced to revert to pen and paper Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) made national headlines this week following a ransomware attack on 29th January. The attackers, who were widely misreported to have demanded £1 million to provide the unlock code, turned out to be rather less ambitious. The demand was in fact for just…

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How will IT affect small businesses in 2016?

As January kicks off with resolutions and predictions, we thought we’d take a look at the top trends that are already playing an important part in 2016, and how they might affect SMEs. We’ve researched some of the top industries and experts in this field and collated their various predications for technology and IT changes…

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How much do you know about your IT security?

How secure is your business? Are your networks vulnerable to attack? Is your WiFi a weak point? Are you files susceptible to corruption from an email virus? Or do you not have a clue? The security and integrity of your data and files is business critical; we worry about someone breaking into our offices physically,…

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Protect Your Business Against Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker, a ransomware Trojan that first arrived on the internet in September 2013, is on the rise once again and causing problems for a lot of businesses. This makes it vitally important that you ensure your company’s network is safe, secure and backed up. Why? Because there is nothing to stop Cryptolocker once initiated by…

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How not to be the next victim of a data breach

The latest reported data breach at the telecoms company TalkTalk – where the personal details of 156,959 customers and 15,656 bank accounts were exposed – signifies a worrying trend for data security. As a business, you may well be asking yourself, how can I protect my company files and ensure the safety of my customers’…

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