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Took our clothes off for BBC Children in Need – but we still had it covered!

BBC Children in Need If you’ve been living in a cave on the dark side of the moon you might have missed that it was the annual BBC Children in Need charity fundraiser last week. Otherwise there’s not much excuse! Since 1980 the BBC’s charity has raised more than £600m. Although it has a focal…

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Hosted VoIP telephony: Multiplying the advantages of VoIP and the cloud

Convergence – the enabler of high quality communications Voice and data convergence has been one of the great enablers of high quality networked digital communications. This has enabled significant simplification and increased efficiency of network infrastructure, allowing voice and data to be carried within the same copper and fibre cables. ‘1st generation’ VoIP enabled businesses…

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The win-win of videoconferencing: Save travel costs and time with no capital cost

The steady progress of video Over the last 15 years or so, video technologies have made enormous advances. Screen, camera, storage and software have evolved such that the creation and consumption of high quality video is in the reach of practically everyone and at an affordable price. Coupled with communication services like Skype and FaceTime,…

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Dropbox ‘hack’ highlights risk of free online services

Another mass theft of usernames and passwords This week we got yet another reminder of the mass security risks posed by the internet. Security of online storage website Dropbox was allegedly compromised by the theft of 7 million username and password combinations. The service is widely used to share content and business information. Dropbox established…

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 now ready for business

Microsoft has got it right! It’s been around 6 months since Microsoft updated Windows to 8.1. This is now bedded in and finally seems to have silenced the critics of the original release. The consensus seems to be that Microsoft has finally got it right and in our opinion it is ready for business. 5…

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High quality IT Helpdesk support: Art or science?

High quality Helpdesk support service essential today In today’s world of high customer expectation, delivering good quality Helpdesk services is an essential for IT service providers. But is the delivery of high quality Helpdesk support an art or a science? Impatience, stress and business deadlines all combine to drive customer anxiety. This creates a lot…

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Cryptolocker & Gameover Zeus (GOZ) tips and advice

Unprecedented global internet security activity This week has seen unprecedented global internet security activity as operations by Interpol, the FBI and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) have been made public. The reason for this are the serious problems being caused by two malicious programmes targeting computers running Microsoft Windows: Cryptolocker – ‘ransomware’ that encodes…

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Finally, a simple (and effective) way to secure your organisation’s email

Take the headache out of email security Too often, security applications and solutions are over-complex, a strain on IT resources and never quite work the way you want them to. Yet, the threat of attack from hackers, phishers and cyber criminals is never far away, If a security breach does happens, it could be costly…

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Keep your critical Windows XP applications secure

How McAfee Endpoint Security secures your legacy environment When you’re operating in a legacy environment, especially one where support has ceased, you need a simple way to keep your important business applications secure. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Enterprise Suite not only secures your devices and network endpoints, it comes with an additional weapon to…

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Security and You: Simple security extends your Windows XP investment

Is your Windows XP environment a security risk? Discover how you can extend your XP investment and avoid security risks By now, your Microsoft Windows XP software will have reached end of life – the cut-off date was 8th April 2014. But what does that mean for the security of your critical applications, given that…

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