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News Archive for 2013

5 technology areas every business should review annually

The break between Christmas and New Year frequently gives us a chance to do a bit of house-keeping. For those tasked with looking after technology for our businesses the few days after Xmas before the turning of the year provide an ideal opportunity to review our business technology arrangements. Here are five areas that it…

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Rise of the cloud and death of PC and XP make 2014 a busy year

Days of desktop PC numbered Desktop PC sales are believed to have fall by 10.1% during 2013, making it the most “severe yearly contraction on record”, according to research firm IDC (International Data Corporation). This strongly supports the trend of falling desktop sales and increasingly strengthens the suggestion that the days of the desktop PC…

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Paralogic fills gap left by end of Symantec Backup

Symantec discontinues online backup product Software and services giant Symantec has given notice to end user customers, service providers and resellers that it is to discontinue offering Backup services on 6th January 2014. There will be 1 year run down of the service to honour existing agreements until 6th January 2015. Any customers that…

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3 ways to store business data in the cloud

Get the right cloud solution for your business The cloud is now ubiquitous; for many businesses using Windows XP and locally installed MS Office productivity suite users, the next few months will see radical changes as they migrate to online services. For many Office 365 is the natural choice, however it is not the only…

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Paralogic CompTIA IT Business Trustmark accredited

Professional IT industry certification Paralogic is proud to announce it has become CompTIA accredited and is now holds the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark. CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is aUStechnology trade association which traces its roots back to 1982 and has become recognised globally as a provider of professional certifications for the IT industry. Vendor-neutral…

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Relocation services for businesses moving forward as economic recovery gets going

Commercial property activity shows business confidence returning Recent recessions have tended to last 2 or 3 years; however the current economic situation has been prolonged and extremely difficult. One sign of business confidence returning and a strengthening economy is movement in the commercial property sector. Around the edges we’re seeing significant activity as our some…

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Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 now end of life

Not that old Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) is not actually that old, but Microsoft is dropping it. This has implications for all small businesses that run Exchange servers in-house. The price point of SBS was designed to make it more affordable to small businesses. With SBS 2011 discontinued, if smaller businesses want…

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Password security: Strength in length

98.8% of people share the same 10,000 passwords… Hackers stealing passwords for millions of accounts; cyber-criminals committing identity theft; data protection rules being breached… It seems that network security issues are seldom far from the top of the news. With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being particularly vulnerable to loss or theft, encouraging…

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Securing BYOD: Safer use of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops at work

ICO survey reveals extent of risk Following on from our blog ‘6 smartphone security best practice tips’, the wider issue of the security of personally owned mobile computing devices also needs to be looked at. The phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is now well established. This is great for businesses; employees use their…

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6 smartphone security best practice tips

Brilliant but vulnerable For any one that is mobile during the course of their working day smartphones are truly brilliant devices. However, small handheld devices are as vulnerable to poor user practice as a laptop or desktop computer. They are also easy to lose or be relieved of… here are 6 tips for safer smartphone…

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